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Students can avail customized service under Canada Student Visa Guidance. The services offered under the guidance are:

  • Mock Visa Interviews
  • Student Counseling Programs
  • Visa Documentation
  • Visa Guidance


Validity of visa
  • For minors in grade 1 through 8 the visa is valid for a period of 1 year
  • For minors in grade 9 through 12 or attending college or university, the visa is valid for full length of their study plus 90 days.
  • For a minor studying in Quebec the visa is valid for same length of their CAQ
  • For minors who are children of people holding long-term study or work permits the visa is valid for same length as of their parents or till the child’s passport is valid or as the length of their CAQ if studying in Quebec

AZ Expert Overseas offers advice and guidance for best possible documentation. We assist and guide you at each step till you get your visa.

  • Expert advice on complete process stage wise
  • Visa documentation*
  • Provide you the document checklist stage-wise and assisting you with the requisites and the alternatives upon receiving the signed service agreement copy
  • Provide documents samples and assist you with inputs wherever necessary
  • Corresponding with the department, on your behalf, if required
Basic features of the visa
  • Foreign students can experience Canada's high-quality education system, state-of-the-art research facilities, and distinct post-graduate employment opportunities
  • Students can avail of the awards, scholarships, and bursaries that many educational institutions offer.
  • Canada Study Visa, Canada Student Visa, Canada Study Permit also allows an international student to work part time on the campus of the educational institution in which he/she is studying, throughout the school year.
  • Students are also entitled to apply for Off-Campus Work visa after 6 months
  • On this visa, students can also explore Canada’s diverse landscape and gain Canadian work experience
  • Foreign students can remain in Canada for up to 2 years, as they are also entitled to apply for the Post-Graduation Work visa.
  • An application for permanent residence can also be made in most cases, allowing them to work and live in Canada permanently.